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Scientific and Technical Work

I am currently a Lead Scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies in Arlington, Virginia. I hold a PhD in geophysics from MIT and have 30 years of experience in the fields of wave propagation, signal processing, and computer modeling. I have worked on a variety of technical problems including seismic, hydroacoustic and infrasound research for the monitoring of a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the seismo-acoustic detection of unexploded ordinance and landmines, the measurement of submarine hull and aircraft vibrations, shallow subsurface investigations, the modeling and analysis of acoustic projectors and signals, the classification of seismic signals and underwater acoustic echoes, image processing, ultra-wideband radar, and studies of T-waves & tsunamis. Projects for 2012 include seismo-acoustic, infrasonic, thermal,  and laser vibrometry R&D. The following links provide more information.

BBN Technologies
Jay Pulli's Resume
List of Publications
MIT Earth Resources Laboratory
Potomac Geophysical Society
New: Analysis of the Sumatera Earthquake of Dec. 26, 2004, 4 meg pdf file
Jay's Earthquake Demo
My Physics Today controversy
Analysis of the Kursk Submarine Explosion
Ultra Wideband Bi-Static Radar
Glass Spheres as Deep Water Acoustic Sources
Modeling Long Range Reflections in the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans
Hydroacoustic Observations of India Earthquakes
T-Wave Observations in the Indian Ocean
T-Wave Blockage in the Indian Ocean
Matched Field Processing of T-Wave Reflections
Array Analysis of Indian Ocean T-Waves 2004
Blockage & Reverb in the Indian Ocean 2004
Modeling Hydroacoustic Blockage 2005
Azimuthal Dependence of Blockage 2005


Photography and Web Publishing

Besides my scientific & engineering work, I am an active photographer specializing in travel and landscape photography. I've done extensive shooting in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Scotland, Germany, Tahiti, and the US. Many of my photos are available on the web; here are links to a sampling of my work.

Italian Image of the Week
The Beautiful Women of Italy
The Grapes of Tuscany
Assisi, Italy

Girls of Tahiti
Solar Eclipse of July 1972
Scottish Highland Games
Antietam, Manassas
The Grand Canyon
Cecilia Bartoli
Daytona, FL motorcycle racing
Cape Cod
Cape Cod Lighthouses

Contact Me 

Preferably by email, but if you really need to talk to me, my office number in Arlington, Virginia is 703-284-1295. For directions, click here. Email me to learn about my 15 month long (and counting) kitchen renovation project being done by Michael Nash Custom Kitchens.

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